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Russian volume eyelash extensions are multiple fine lashes (hand made fans) attached to your one natural eyelash. Creating volume, length and fullness.


Natural set, a beautiful subtle set of Russian volume lashes that are made up of fans containing 3/4 lashes in each. This gives a very natural look, similar to that of an amazing mascara. This is not a heavy look and would be perfect for clients looking to enhance their own lashes but, are not wanting anything heavy. This set can still be styled to enhance the clients natural eye shape, in cat eye, dolly, squirrel or natural. Sometimes brown lashes can be used to give an even more natural look, especially good for very fair clients or red heads.


Glam sets are made up of fans containing a higher amount of lashes to give a bolder stronger look. Also a higher density of lash can be used to provide a more defined look, this will depend on the clients own natural lashes. This set can take you from day to night-time as it has a much fuller effect than a Natural set.
You can choose from a selection of styles and effects from fox, cat eye, dolly, squirrel to a textured fluffy choppy look. Your stylist will cover all options with you and decide what is best suited to you. Your own natural lashes will decide the actual volume you can achieve.


Mega Glam sets use fans that are made up with a large amount of lashes in each (up to 18) but, the lashes used are extremely fine. This allows the technician to use a much larger volume of lashes in each fan to create the strip lash effect without weighing down or damaging your own natural lashes. The effect will depend on the clients own natural lashes and not everyone can expect to achieve the same result. This set is a much heavier look and can incorporate different styes and effects such as textured, choppy lashes, sometimes referred to as Kimmie Kay lashes.

Lash sets will depend on the clients own natural lashes.

We offer different curls and lengths, plus if you prefer a more textured look rather than a neat look we can add spikes or mix curls up

All sets can be styled to suit your eye shape or your preferred look

Kimmie K


Cat’s eye



Infills n Aftercare

We hope you are delighted with your lashes and will want to continue to wear them.

As each lash has natural cycle your lashes will drop out, on average 3/4 a day. Therefore we suggest an infill every 2/3 weeks to keep them looking perfect.

After 3 weeks you will have lost 50% of your lashes. Therefore we advise you book in for a full set.

The change of seasons has an impact on your lash cycle and Autumn is called “autumn fall’ in the lash industry.

Other factors that affect the retention of your lashes are keeping them clean and avoiding oils or creams near them. Also it is important not to get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after each application.


Are lash extensions right for me? I have had sensitive eyes before when i have had them

Firstly we strongly advise you have a patch test for the bonder. The bonder is basically the glue that is used to attach the extension lashes to your natural lash. Some people are allergic to it. All bonders have more or less the same ingredients, so if you’ve tried lash extensions before and found that you were allergic, then sadly our bonder isn’t going to be any different. Some salons offer sensitive bonders. Here at WINK we haven’t found any sensitive bonders that we feel give us a good enough retention, but we will keep looking!

Sensitive bonders still have the same single ingredient that causes the sensitivity, just at a much lower level and that’s the stuff that makes the lashes stick. Even though the bonder doesn’t actually touch your eyelid, once on the lash the bonder travels up into the folic and enters the body that way. A reaction can also develop later on, it is not common, but it can happen. In some cases it happens after a client has been having lash extensions for many months or even years. On the contrary we have have clients wearing our lashes and have done so for years who still have healthy strong lashes and have had no issues what so ever.

If you are an eye rubber, or face down sleeper, and I mean face plant sleeper, then extensions may not be for you either. If you like to wear dramatic make up, you can still have lash extensions, but you may find you need infills more frequently as the ingredients of the make up can lift the lashes. Contact wearers are absolutely fine to have lashes.

Deciding what look you want?

This will depend on a few factor: Are your eyes wide set, oval, small, large, or hooded etc. What are your natural lashes like? We can offer a very very natural look, right through to a mega volume. We’ll work with you to develop a look that you are happy with and that also suits your eye shape.

I have heard Russian volume lashes are very heavy, but i want a very natural look

For some reason a lot of people think Russian volume lashes give a very heavy look, of course they can but, also they can be very natural. At WINK all of our technicians will run though a client evaluation card at your first appointment. We will want to know your lifestyle, what look you are hoping to achieve and if you are looking for a more natural or glamorous look.

The actual Russian volume lash is a very very fine lash, finer than a string of hair. The application of those lashes is what makes the Russian volume, natural, glam or mega glam. The technique used is to make a hand-made fan out of a selection of these lashes then apply that fan to one of your individual lashes. The difference is the volume of the fans made before they are applied. A fan made up of 3/4 lashes will be so much lighter looking than a fan made up of more. Basically you can achieve a very natural day time look right down to a strip lash effect depending on how full your fans are.

Where can I park?

We don’t have private parking but, you can either park around the corner from the salon on Hawthorn Av which has limited places for 2 hrs, free of charge. There  is a car park on Water Lane, but, this car park can become full during the day. There is lots of parking behind the Rex cinema central Wilmslow, we are approximately a 6 min walk away up water lane next door to the “easy fish restaurant” inside fibre hairdressers, upstairs. Parking is a lot easier to find after 5.30 near the salon as there are no restrictions. 

WIll the eyelashes hurt?

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Will some help me choose and explain to me the different eyelash options?

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